Laura Colamonaco

London, United Kingdom

Art and Human Development have always been my biggest passions and in my practice, I create programmes that aim at encouraging personal growth and self-esteem.

Using Art, I guide learners through experiential journeys where they can explore and acquire meaningful perceptions in an apparently chaotic world. Art is a safe mode where it is possible to challenge and overcome barriers and I use creative activities to build a constructive mindset that helps individuals and groups in their personal and professional journey.

In my practice empathy, kindness and sense of humor play pivotal roles for those who want to embrace a more sustainable way of living from both an intellectual and environmental point of view.

My vision is to contribute to​ building a society where creativity and education are at the same time indispensable values, a driving force and a shared ideal.

To have a Peaceful World, we need to start within the Self.

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