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A message from Tony Boldrey

The Boldrey Group has always been on the cutting edge of the social norm. A different kind of company with a different view of the world. It’s a special place where we have the opportunity to create the best products and services on earth — products that change lives and people that will do what ever it takes to save a child and help shape this worlds future. It’s a privilege we hold dear.

Diversity is critical to innovation and it is essential to The Boldrey Groups future. We aspire to do more than just make our company as diverse as the talent available to hire. We must address the broad underlying challenges, offer new opportunities, and create a future generation of employees as diverse as the world around us. We also aspire to make a difference beyond The Boldrey Group.

This means fostering diversity not just at The Boldrey Group but throughout our entire ecosystem, from the customers we welcome into our group to the suppliers and developers.

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Tracking illegal electronic activity around the globe.

I wrote this short story or publication to help understand Child molestation and PTSD. I will dedicate half of all proceeds to the wounded warrior foundation, abused woman and children, and Seabee foundation.

The Boldrey group is in every state in the US. We are in 41 countries across the globe. We are on every social media site on the web, from facebook, KIK, Craigslist, Snap Chat, Instagram to Ashley Madison to list a few.

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