Jason Engelbart



Jason Engelbart crosses the border between painting and graphics. Constantly he is interested in new paths of painting. Above all in his current work in which he prefers to turn to the technique of the computer combined with the actual visual tool, the iPad.

He entitles the mostly on one original limited digital works ”neopaintings” - related to their contemporary technology-based execution and their simultaneously handmade painting appearance. The usually large-scale fine art prints are transfered on premium alu-dibond with a high glossy finsh.

Engelbart’s colorful abstract neopaintings communicate directly with the viewer’s emotions and invite him to a profound poetic reflection.The unusual and distinctive iconography of his work emanates from masterfully composed colour surfaces revealed on a primary image level and gestured structures of white lines emerging on a second level. Interrelating, these composition levels emphasize the images remarkable and sensitive charisma.

Libri di Jason Engelbart