Partners for the Advancement of Teaching

Salinas, CA

PARTNERS provides professional development (PD) for teachers and para-professionals in school districts in California. We believe students can thrive when their teachers are supported. By offering teachers community-based resources/partnerships, opportunities to collaborate in professional learning communities (PLCs), and models for curriculum building and meeting student needs, PARTNERS contributes to empowering teacher autonomy and ability to provide a 21st Century education.

Aree di competenza

Drs. Bynoe and Colby have 30 years combined experience preparing teachers in multicultural, social justice, place-based education. Expertise includes: Common Core ELA, Social Studies, Arts Integration, Bilingual Education, Place Based Education, Cultural Competency, and Community Cultural Wealth.

Affiliazioni professionali

PARTNERS is a program of the non-profit 501c3, The Action Council for Monterey County. Jennifer Colby, Ph.D. is faculty at CSU, Monterey Bay and school board trustee for ASJUSD. Linda Bynoe, Ed.D. is professor emeritus at CSU, Monterey Bay.

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