Antonio Romi

Gaeta, Italy

The idea, an act of illumination and daughter of creativity, is born, walks freely and enjoys the liberty that allows it to reach unknown heights and to go beyond the limits of where thought lives and comes back to life.
It is the idea of analysing and doing that pervades Antonio Romi's continuing investigations.
It is the concept of symbiosis between the sense of being and the power of existence that gives the photographer a channel, embodied in an indissoluble bond made from photos that pin down “fragments of the essence” of a marvellous nature, and creations that come to life in an active journey through the world of the figurative arts.
Antonio Romi was born on 19 January 1967 in Gaeta, Italy; perhaps shortly after that is when his reverent passion arose for creating and knowing that still illuminates the artist's photography and graphic creativity.

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