Carol Rowland

Dallas, Texas US

Since early childhood, Carol has always had cats, usually a stray or drop off that needed a home.

A lover of all animals, it was cats she related to the most.

When she first adopted Boo, she was scared that she could not provide for a special needs pet, she had no experience and no knowledge of what to do.

Lucky for her, Boo had no experience or knowledge of what to do for her either, they had to learn together.

Carol and Boo hope to make the public aware that special needs does not mean "unadoptable".

Many shelters put down deaf or blind kittens without ever giving them the chance to be adopted.

As most people are beginning to keep their cats indoors, it should no longer be an issue if they are special needs but due to limited space and guidelines placed, many are still destroyed.

A portion of all profits from the sale of books or promotional work will be donated to various no kill shelters working with special needs pets.

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