Illustrating Progress

Philadelphia, PA

Chrissie Bonner is a graphic facilitator, teacher, author, and illustrator. Her interest in visual work is rooted in cultivating the mindsets necessary for transformative change and designing environments for people to be creative and do their best thinking. She is passionate about hosting spaces for reimagining, leveraging deep listening and collective creativity. She is the Founder and Principal of Illustrating Progress, a graphic consulting practice based in Philadelphia, PA.

Aree di competenza

Illustrating Progress creates the conditions for learning, participation, and commitment by:

Facilitating meetings and collaborative activities to support teaching, reflection, team-building, and planning efforts.

Illustrating conversations and presentations in real-time to map ideas throughout a planning process or gathering. This is often called graphic recording or scribing.

Designing illustrations, infographics, storyboards, reports, and videos to illustrate complex issues and ideas.

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International Forum of Visual Practitioners

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