Emily Engdahl

Astoria, Oregon, United States

Besides being an artist, Emily is a graphic designer, creative director, published author and poet, and an entrepreneur. With a passion for initiating, healing, coaching, connecting, and curating new ideas, she is a visionary symbolist who seeks to inspire others with art.

Her latest creation, "A Tale of Whimsy," is a delightful collection of short fairytales that dances alongside "The Tomten’s Gift," a handbook for grown-ups on the wonders of herbs and blooms in a coastal garden. Her first book of poetry, "A Year in Astoria," outlines her experiences on the Oregon Coast.

Emily's heart belongs to the Oregon Coast, a place filled with sweet memories of candy kitchens, driftwood hideouts, and splashing around with furry pals in the estuary. Watching her kids uncover enchantment in the same spots where she found magic, fairies, and endless adventures warms her soul.

She's a firm believer in hard work, good ol' values, and the force of artistic communities in transforming lives.

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