Emily Engdahl

Astoria, Oregon, United States

Emily Engdahl, based in the charming coastal town of Astoria, Oregon, is a multifaceted creator and guide. Her journey spans art, writing, web design, and graphic design, but it doesn’t stop there. Emily’s passion and experience extend to the profound aspects of life—spirituality, meditation, mediation, conflict resolution, and even embracing mortality in her latest book about Death.

"A Tale of Whimsy," is a delightful collection of short fairytales that dances alongside "The Tomten’s Gift," a handbook for grown-ups on the wonders of herbs and blooms in a coastal garden. Her first book of poetry, "A Year in Astoria," outlines her experiences on the Oregon Coast.

As a bridge between generations, she invites candid conversations about art, design, living joyfully, aging, mortality, writing, and crafting legacy. Whether treasure hunting vintage magic, designing websites, or facilitating Swedish Death Cleaning workshops, Emily weaves connections that honor both the past and the future.

Libri di Emily Engdahl