Neil H Handley

Carlisle. Cumbria.

My name is Neil Harry Handley. I was born in 1955 and worked as an engineer for 35 years in Nottingham and then at Rolls Royce in Derby. In 2006 I took a voluntary redundancy package and used the money to move to Cumbria and built our own small Cattery which we ran for Nine Years until we retired in 2016. We have two Black Cats cats called Molly & Marley who give us a lot of love and never fail to make us smile and even laugh out loud with their funny little ways.
I have had this story about Black Cats in my mind for years so thought it about time I got around to putting it all down on paper just for my own amusement.
A friend of mine told me about Blurb so I am over the moon that my story has been printed as a proper book, and is now also available as an e-book. Thank you Blurb for fulfilling my dream to see my story published. I hope all you Cat Lovers out there enjoy my short story.

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