Lee Foust

Naples, Italy

Lee Foust is a fiction writer and performer from Oakland, California who has lived in Italy since the mid-1990s. He teaches literature and creative writing at the Sant'Anna Institute in Sorrento and is the father of one. He is the author of seven books: Poison and Antidote, nine tales of the musicians, artists, and punks of the San Francisco underground, Inbetween, a novel of love and anarchy set in San Francisco, Paris, Rome, and Florence, Here Lies..., a punk historical novel inspired by the life of Baroque architect Francesco Borromini, Fake Novel, a multi-voiced political satire about Donald Duck Drumpf's human centipede administration, San Salvi, the interior monologue of a catatonic detainee in Florence, Italy's madhouse (this last in both English and Italian with illustrations by Russian artist Tatiana Stadnichenko), Sojourner: Collected Poetry 1981-2023, and The Three Living Meet the Three Dead, an epic novel-in-frames in two volumes in which six tale-tellers tell 42 tales insp

Libri di Lee Foust