Kathy Runk

Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

Born in York, Pennsylvania and married in 1964 to David. Within 8 months of signing up for foster children we had 5! They were Scott age 2, Randy age 8, Robbie age 3 months, Donnie age 10 and Tina age 11. What a book that could be just about fostering! Later we were able to adopt Scott and Randy and the other children were returned to their birth parents. The house was very empty so we contacted Lutheran Social Services and in the next few years, we adopted Kristal (age 6 weeks), siblings Kevin, John and Kelcey ages 5, 6, and 8 respectively. Then a miracle--in 1 year's time I was pregnant twice and had Jeanenne first and then James. And Baby Made Nine! (one of my stories to come). Enough with the babies! We then adopted Robert from Vietnam and lastly Laura from Texas. Though we lost both Laura and Kelcey to death, our love and memories will never end.

For you, my children and grandchildren, our lives expressed in stories, starting with Trudy, our family dog.

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