REAL KIDS LIMITED is a creative family business. Mahlon Burch has been a Child Portrait specialist for over 35 years. Donnell is a graphic designer generating family focused greeting cards. Their daughters, Sienna and Marlana Burch both retell classic stories in an abridged fashion for the modern child.

Sienna Burch is a cartoon illustrator who enjoys illustrating classic fairytales. She started her first project while in high school, retelling the classic fairytale 'Alice's adventures in wonderland' with her illustrations.

Aree di competenza

As Sienna is only fifteen at the time, her area of expertise consists of getting up and getting ready for high school in a timely fashion. Courses currently underway include Design and Visual Communications, and Business. Sienna has also taken Art History, Painting. Outside of formal education she completed a class in designing characters in 3D to model for illustrations. Several of her art creators have gained her school awards.

Affiliazioni professionali

Just the family business for now.

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