Joseph John Paul Hargrove


I am the awakened Co-Creator of Earth as the Demiurge w/ Lucifera. I was Adam, Muhammad, & Julius Caesar.

Adam & Lucifer had sex in Jewish Folklore. Citation:

I had a vision of me as a star & Goddess Lucifera as a black hole touching. I thought it would create the Big Bang at first but then searched how big the universe was & w/ the whole sky lit up w/ stars, came up w/ the hypothesis it would create a galaxy. Next I searched what would happen if the two collided & found this:

Now I have a science thru my hallucinations this might be why there is gender. A star I argue is a masculine energy & positive & a black hole, a feminine energy & negative.

Before this happened I had my first kiss w/ a girl in a mental institute who was Mexican American; I felt I was more like positive energy & fire going into her & hallucinated her aura as dark/negative.

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