Chester County, Pennsylvania

Carla loves photography as an art form. Carla is a freelance digital photographer and writer whose work has been featured in publications locally, as well as regionally and nationally.

Carla began taking photos as a child, and then put down her camera for many years. When she became a community activist as an adult she picked up the camera again and hasn't put it down since!

Carla loves the magic of ordinary days and will photograph people, animals, inanimate objects - in that category, old houses and barns are her favorite!

When photographing people, Carla's preference are candids. She likes capturing the ever-changing emotion of individuals "in the moment". Carla also seconds with professional photographers and occasionally shows her work in local art shows.

A well known blogger/local writer, you can also find her and her musings on ChesterCountyRamblings ( and her ihavebreastcancerblog (

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