Caroline Manly

Leura, NSW, Australia

Caroline teaches karate and self defence but in real life she is scared of ladders, lizards and has no sense of direction. She would have made a very bad Ninja. She was born in Rhu, a small sailing and fishing village in Scotland and lived in Howth, a small sailing a fishing village in Ireland. Weirdly she doesn't like sailing. Or fishing. She has been an administrator, designed t-shirts, built a back deck following Youtube videos and worked in a life sized glass box creating Leggo towns. Caroline is a 3rd dan black belt karate Sensei and runs a karate school in Sydney, Australia. She wrote her first book at age 5 and was amazed it didn't hit the bestseller list. I mean, who wouldn't want to read a 3 page illustrated story called "Chickie and Duckie go to town"?

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