Stacey Hemeyer

Mesa, Arizona, United States

Photography isn't simply a hobby, it is a passion! My goal as a photographer is to capture those small, fleeting moments that are often overlooked; the crinkled nose of a smiling child, the tender touch of a hand, the laughter of a family joke; to capture the true essence of a situation.

My photographic style is very non-intrusive. I try to blend into the background as much as possible. Most of my couples comment after their wedding that they are amazed by the moments caught when they were not even aware I was there. I received my first camera at 10-years-old and an infatuation was born. Throughout high school and college I enjoyed photography classes. I was a senior editor on my college newspaper and graduated from the University of Utah. In 2004, I was blessed to be able to make my photography dream come true and began Stacey Kay Photography.

I have four wonderful children that fill my life with chaos and joy. And am lucky to have a husband who loves us and supports my art. I am

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