Yellow Sunshine Studio

Quarryville, Pennsylvania, USA

Becky Schick is the artist and designer behind Yellow Sunshine Studio. She is a mama, artist, and designer living in beauteous Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She explores the world with childlike wonder and finds inspiration at every turn. Vintage toys, children’s art, patinas, remnants, typography, thrift shopping, picture books, ephemera, etymology, and the ever-changing sky all feed her fire. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and loves playing with many media including clay, photography, watercolor, & ink. As a homeschooling mama of six, she is continually learning how to embrace (and make time for!) the processes of art and life. After struggling through six years of undiagnosed chronic pain, the clouds started to part, and the sun began shining again, as she received both helpful medical guidance and incredible artistic direction. Becky is now overjoyed to be on her journey as a surface pattern designer and is looking forward to continual artistic adventures.

Aree di competenza

Surface Pattern Design
Book Design
Graphic Design

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