Irina Starovoitova

New Jersey

I help kids from different countries speak English. I love working with kids of all ages. Kids just like you. One of the kids I work with is Milana, the wonderful illustrator for all of my books. I am so impressed by her talent and believe deeply in supporting her passions and dreams. You can find out more about her in the opening pages of any of my books.

I write stories about my cat, Princess Leia. She has her own passport. In fact, she has two - one from the European Union and the other from Belarus. She travels with me wherever I go and she loves it when I take her for a walk on her leash. She is full of courage and takes no notice of dogs. She has traveled by car, bus, tram, train, and airplane. She has even crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

My books would not have been possible without the constant companionship of my traveling cat, Leia. She is full of love and adventure every day.

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