Jerry Tanner

San Jose, CA, USA

Jerry Tanner has been interested in art since he was a kid. His formal art studies started during high school. He received his bachelors degree in graphic communication from San Diego State University. He has been active in the creative field for more than 30 years.

This book is dedicated by Jerry and his wife, Pam to their wonderful and amazing lovebirds, Harold & Maude—the inspiration for Toucan King of the Yucatan and Toco.

Kevin Grossman is a published writer who enjoys reading, music, drumming, hiking, and travel. He received his BA in psychology from San Jose State University.

Kevin dedicates this book to his wife, Amy, who encouraged him to believe in himself, to celebrate the miracle of his choices, and who is his guide through their “two halves can be two wholes” paradise.

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