Jan Stommes


Jan Stommes is a self-taught artist whose work has evolved during her many years of painting. She is an eclectic person and feels that her painting should reflect that aspect of her personality. Her academic endeavors trained her to be a research scientist, which developed the observational skills necessary for creating art. During her artistic journey, her interest in subject matter has varied and the choice of her medium has evolved.

Jan started her painting career using watercolor on paper, and after many years, she switched to super-realism by means of acrylic on illustration board. She then added impressionism and painterly realism in oils, on supports of canvas or panel, to her repertoire with soft pastels on Wallis paper, soon to follow.

Jan constantly strives to take on challenges by trying something new in each painting that she creates. Creating trompe l’oeil images connects her art and science. These paintings are so life-like that viewers of her work have thought

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