Above Skyline Quantum Wellness

Peyton, Colorado USA

Muriel integrates Quantum Intuitive Healing with Sound Healing and Shamanic/Holistic Medicine Practitioning. She has helped assist countless souls on their journey back home to their heart center, and is considered a jack of all metaphysical trades. Specializing in several different healing modalities, she offers spiritually healing bodywork, long distance healing, psychic surgeries, spiritual guidance, and paleopsychology (Dream-work). Muriel released her first book in 2017 as a Novella called, "Dreamweaver, A Step Into Forgotten Realms", which is based on her personal experiences of shamanic initiation, dreams, and the imagination. In early April of 2019, she wrote and published her first novel, Soul Ship: A Personal Account of Embodied Enlightenment. She continues to enjoy writing and publishing books, while offering her services to those who wish to expand their consciousness.

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Teacher, Author, Artist, Shaman, Healer

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