Philip Poole

Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

After almost 40 years spent working as a financial economist for various banks in the City of London, much of it as a specialist in emerging markets economies, Phil embarked on a second career in photography. Photography has been a passion for him since the 1980s and he has wide-ranging experience in both analogue and digital photographic techniques. His interests include Documentary, Portraiture, Architecture and Landscape genres and in approaching photographic projects he is working to leverage his experience in emerging markets. His latest books available on Blurb include 'Old Brutalism' which documents the Brutalist architecture of the Anglia Square development in Norwich, England, 'Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust' and 'Faces of the Dead' both of which were shot in ethnic Chinese graveyards in the Philippines. (See website and Instagram account @philpoolephotography).

Libri di Philip Poole