Arjay Stevens

Berlin, Germany / Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Arjay Stevens
born in Bingen, Germany. He has been a passionate photographer from the age of 8. Studied natural science and pharmacy and worked as assistant to Nobel Laureate Prof. Warburg at Max-Planck-Institute, Berlin, and later as a hospital pharmacy dptm. head.
Retired he visited SEA, became deeply interested in the arts and culture. After being partly based in Cambodia since over 20 years he photographs intense many parts of Asia. He self-published several photo books on art and culture and showed his work in numerous exhibitions. E.g.his work “A Century Artist” of a Royal Ballet dance icon was shown at The National Museum, Phnom Penh for three months. Special honors of his artistic work in Cambodia learned Arjay by personal thank-you letters by HM the King of Cambodia.
Arjay Stevens' open-mindedness in art and culture, as well as his long-standing humanitarian commitment, is not only evident in his diverse photographic work. Artistically, his interests extend to abstraction.

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