It's been years since I began the BLURB experience. It started at a Bible Study meeting in NSW where I saw a book on a coffee table about a trip where these folks had gone on safari to Africa and they wanted a record of this amazing journey for themselves to share with others: a revamp of the old photo album idea. This got me pondering. I had thousands of photos of places I had been and things I had seen but I put the thought aside. Considering the germ had been sown I checked out this self-publishing book company. Then my journey began with two aims, to show God in His Creation and to encourage another by my Books & Writing Journals with a quote from Dr Charles H Spurgeon, plus my written poem to reflect it. Photographic books were part of the mix. This led to writing Children's books aimed at the Autism spectrum and feed back has told me they are enjoyed which means that they work as I had hoped. By the end of 2024 it will be 12 years since I started and I am STILL loving it

Libri di Lydia