Thomas Carr

Denver, Colorado, USA

Thomas Carr is an archaeologist and photographer living in Denver, Colorado. He works with digital SLRs as well as 6x6-cm and 4x5-inch format film cameras, and makes both traditional silver-emulsion darkroom prints and archival inkjet prints. His artistic influences include Eugene Atget, Fay Godwin, Linda Connor, Edward Weston, and Paul Caponigro. His work has been shown in numerous juried, group, and solo exhibitions over the last 30 years. He has also lectured extensively on the history of photography, archaeology, visual ethnography, and historic preservation. In characterizing his own work, he states that “as a young photographer in the 1980s, I found myself drawn towards making images of places with subtle indications of a past human presence. This led to my pursuit of a career in archaeology, which has allowed me to visit many significant historic sites and associated landscapes. Having been trained in photography, I endeavor to document the essence of these places in these terms

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