Tony McHugh

Sydney, Australia

Tony McHugh, MDSc, PhD, MLitt.

Author & Editor. Medical sociology, critical & cultural studies, media & communication, sociocultural semiotics, biometric profiling.


McHugh, T. (2023). Heterotopic Spaces: An Ensemble

McHugh, T. (2021) Spain … here, there & about.

McHugh, T. (2020). Power & People.

McHugh, T. (2020). Power & Place.

McHugh, T. (2019). Barceloneta as heterotopic mirror: A place of different spaces.

McHugh, T. (2016 [2013]). Faces inside and outside the clinic: A Foucauldian perspective on cosmetic facial modification.

McHugh, T. (2011) Italy: An Adventure.

Salvestro, D. and McHugh, T. (1986). An Australian Glossary of Dental Terms.


University of Southern Queensland 2005, 2007.
Boutwell Draper Gallery, Ricoh Media Event, Redfern, 2006.
Ricoh digital cameras webpage 2004-2006.
Digital World Expo 2005.
Redfern Community Centre 2005.
Charles Sturt University Dubbo Campus 2005.
Museum of Sydney 2004.
Aust. Photography Magazine 2004

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