Luca De Nardo


Luca De Nardo approached to photography in casual and someway unexpected way.
After working for years in the world of communication, he decides to immerse himself in new forms of language in order to tell stories through images, choosing photography as a tool to paint emotions.
His continuous research and experimentation led him to discover some huge gaps in the modern language through which the magic of life is told: from female universe to the world of nature and the environment. From portraits to commercial, from nudes to macro photography.
He doesn't find satisfying what he sees, especially when it comes to narrate and describe the female nude as an essence and not as a container, but even less when he comes to deal with female eroticism as content. He therefore began to tiptoe around the delicate subject of the nude and Eros as a form of artistic expression.

Libri di Luca De Nardo